Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Lord, I will worship YOU!

Last Sunday, I was so blessed with the entire Worship Service (anyway, wala namang sunday na hindi nakakabless...).

Sobrang nadurog ako sa song na 'to as it mentions who is GOD.

Every time I hear this, all I can do is to bow down before God, raise my hands and cry. I feel like an ice, melting before God's holiness and greatness.

I Will Worship You
Judy Jacobs

My God is faithful,
My God is truthful,
My God is boundless
in all He is.

My God is wisdom,
My God is righteous,
My God is vision for all who seek.

So I will worship You
in the beauty of holiness,
And I will worship You
for the things You've done in me
And when my life's complete
I place my crown at Your feet
And I will worship You
on bended knee

My God is power,
My God is glory,
Lord, You’re the ruler
over all that is.

My God is timeless,
My God is justice,
My God is mercy, mercy, mercy
To Thee, O breath
Repeat Chorus

His Name is Love
His voice is thunder
His heart is tender
His hand is strong

Repeat Chorus
And I exalt Thee
I exalt Thee
I exalt Thee
I exact Thee, O Lord


Myk said...

Aww. Alam mo ba, last Sunday was like my first real worship na umiyak ako ng umiyak and talagang "pouring out my heart" ang pag-worship ko. Lalo na diyan sa kantang 'yan.

"And when my life's complete
I place my crown at Your feet
And I will worship You on bended knee"

Myk said...

Pahabol: First time because of personal issues, pero before I've cried hard kapag anointing and kapag nation ang parang focus ng P&W. Share lang. Hehe.

KheN said...

exactly, I really mean the same line.

Nakikita ko yung sarili ko sa paanan ni LORD, ibinibigay yung crown sa Kanya tapos umiiyak lang. Grabe!!! That will probably be my most humbling experience before God.

Ah ok...pansin ko naman lagi akong napapaiyak sa P&W, whatever the focus is. :)

Inspire said...

HI Sis and Bro.,

May I ask for the chords of this song? My name is Pastor JB Magaling and I would appreciate it if you could email to our church email address: rivers@netvigatorbiz.com and please send also a copy of the email to junemagaling@gmail.com.

Thanks so much and God bless you all.

Psalm 100.